Body Wraps

Professional Body Wrap in Virginia Beach, VA

Not a gimmick, lose 5-15 inches in only one hour after a session with body wraps from Healing Spirits Spa in Virginia Beach Virginia. Great for military measurements, wraps help address major body issues all women face and helps with inch-loss, detoxification and cellulite control without the exercise.

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How It Works

The Body Wrap and the military body wrap is an advanced development that works on shrinking the adipose tissue of fat found directly below the surface of the skin known as cellulite. In addition, to rid the body of cellulite, a professional body wrap in Virginia Beach, VA also helps eliminate toxins and impurities that have built up over time. In addition, body wrapping smooths, tightens, and softens skin.

Outstanding Results
The average loss for the mid-section for military PRT/PFA measurements is 1 1/2 – 4 inches, plus more consecutive inches throughout the body. These inches will stay off as long as you follow the basic diet plan and simple instructions given after the body wrap.

Required Time & Recommendations

Typically, you’ll stay in the wraps for an hour. Of course, the more inches and fatty tissue you’d like gone, we advise an hour and a half. In addition, we strongly recommend drinking 50% of your body weight in ounces of water. Keep in mind, however, you are not going to balloon back out when you have something to eat or drink.

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  • $80 : 60 Minute Partial Body Wrap (Focus Up To Three Main Areas)
  • $100 : 60 Minute Full Body Wrap
  • $100 : 90 Minute Partial Body Wrap (Focus Up To Three Main Areas)
  • $120 : 90 Minute Full Body Wrap

Important pre-wrap instructions:

  • Do not eat for at least 2 hours prior to the wrap
  • Do not shower before wraps or use any lotion or oil the day of wrap
  • Drink plenty of water, so you aren’t dehydrated
  • Bring an extra pair of undergarments – they will get wet with the wrap

The concept of the Body Wrap is such that it improves those areas of your body that you want to work on the most. Wherever your tissue is the softest and flabbiest, the “wrap” will firm, tone and reduce! Many people are “wrapped” for detoxification benefits as well as inch loss and reshaping. Once broken down, impurities are flushed from the body through the body’s own natural waste by drinking eight to ten glasses of water per day! Almost anyone should be able to wrap but if you have a medical problem check with your doctor first.

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